Mikala character

A freelance commission of a low poly character for an independent game developer. All the modelling and texturing are made by me from a concept provided by the client.

-Hand painted Diffuse, 100% unlit. 1024x1024. Screenshots directly taken from maya viewport
-Polycount: 5190 tris for everything.


Miria Project

Freelance commission for a couple of concepts including: a spaceship, a character and various gameplay presentations.

-Done with High poly modelling, paint-over and sketching with Maya and Photoshop.
-Designs made by myself.


Shoot'em up project

Freelance commission for an indie shoot'em up game currently in production aimed for Ipad/Iphone. I had to design and product a set of construction pieces for the boss. They are Hueshiftable for more customisation.


Environment artist at Codemasters

During my year at codemasters I worked on the game "Bodycount". Doing environments, terrains and props work. Afterward I worked on the environments on 2 racing games not yet announced.

© Bodycount is a property of Codemasters


Futuristic female character

Hi, I've planned to do a female character for now, never done any before so why not starting now.

This is the concept I've made. I wanted to do a futuristic gale, inspired by Range Murata work. I dig his style.

Here is a rough lowpoly mesh just to get the shape right, I'm still not sure if I will make a highpoly and bake it for next gen purpose or just painting the textures from scratch in full diffuse old school style.

Work in progress face:


Speed Texturing competition

My entry for a speed texturing competition spotted on cgtalk/gameartist.net. It ranked 3rd place.

The model and hi-poly baking is from Marcus Aseth. Those are screenshots of the maya viewport with AA maxed out in the grapic card settings. Around 8h of work.


Monster Hunter ~Tri Contest

This is a Great sword design made during a contest for the game Monster Hunter Tri organized by Capcom Europe. It's inspired by Polynesian craft work.

© Property of Capcom.



A work done in Photoshop to train my painting skills a little bit. It's a monk supposed to be my avatar in a pen and paper rpg :)


Kaliber Knight

Character: 705 tris. Weapons: 100 tris./ Texture: 512x512
Everything are screenshots from the maya persp window :)

Additional weapons: respectively 99,84,94 and 100 tris / Texture: 256x512